Why you need adaptogens

There's good reason you're hearing the term "adaptogens" a lot lately. Here is why!


Some of the top causes of illness today are stress, diet and lack of movement. It's no joke that life today has a lot of new pressures that we haven't experienced before. There are some pressures we can control entirely, such as how much and what type of social media we consume. And some that we can't, such as industrial pollutants that are in the air we breathe.


But are there ways we can support our body to better handle the stressors we live with? 

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Absolutely. Since many wellness practices rely on plant wisdom to help and heal, it's no surprise that traditional medicine modalities such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine have known about adaptogens for centuries. These practices know that there are superfoods to help us combat our stress. 


Think of adaptogens as plants that help us adapt and go with the flow of life. How? They support our bodies at a cellular level, helping them regulate imbalances and fight fatigue, depression and anxiety. Studies show that these foods can enahnce our mental alertness, attention and immune repsonse. 


That's right, these superfoods keep us more alert and less sick. They support our bodies by helping our cells regulate themselves against a background of stress. Imagine the power you're fueling your body with when you make a habit of taking adaptogens each and every day!

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That's why we created Shine Lattes. We wanted to give you an enjoyable way to get the goods - without having to swallow a handful of pills. Best of all, we've created instant latte powders using only great tasting adaptogens and superfoods. It's your daily wellness that you actually want to take (sorry vitamins!). 

Our morning Sunshine blend is rich in iron, iodine, potassium, amino acids and vitamin C. Everything you need to make your cells, muscles and digestive system super happy!

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