Wellness Wednesday: Micki from Shine Superfood Lattes

Welcome to our very first Wellness Wednesday blog post! Our goal is to feature women on their wellness journeys, as they all have a unique voice and story to tell.

Meet Micki Chau, Founder of Shine Superfood Lattes

Micki's story:
"Shine truly started when I woke one morning, at the age of 29, suddenly unable to walk and in excruciating pain. 18 months, many doctors and many tests later, I was diagnosed with a very rare form of arthritis and was being told by specialists that I needed to get onto serious medications. I was shocked and ultimately had a voice inside telling me this wasn’t real. After becoming more sick from the drugs, I promised myself I would keep searching for my own answers; I felt deep down that I could heal. 

By listening to others’ stories of healing I was incredibly motivated and tried anything I could afford and mentally commit to. I started with beginner exercises. Though I’d always been active, I had to relearn how to move in ways that supported my new abilities. Starting from square one again in yoga and strength work, I saw glimmers of hope! Then through a lot of emotional work and experimenting with nutritional supplements, I began healing. At first slowly, and then rapidly. After 3 years of letting my Soul guide my healing, I noticed I was back to my pre-diagnosis abilities of being able to walk without a limp or pain and even dance again! Food, movement, and spirituality as medicine changed my life. I'm so passionate about the multifacetedness of healing and hope that sharing my shine adds to the hope of others. 

While I’m not promising to cure you with a latte, I am promising to give you a delicious and highly nutritious treat, so that whatever season you’re traveling through, you know that you deserve love, you deserve joy, you deserve all that you want out of life. I hope you’ll stick around here in the Shine community because we all benefit when you #shareyourshine."

Do you have a unique wellness story to tell? Shoot us an email at hello@shinelattes.com and we can chat!