Top uses for maca root powder!

Maca is the star ingredient in the Sunshine Latte powder. Wondering why we chose it for this tasty, chocolatey morning blend? Read on for the amazing benefits and get ready to add some maca to your day. 

organic maca root found in our sunshine latte powder available at shine lattes dot com


So what is maca? Maca is an adaptogenic superfood root from South America. Our maca is organically grown, carefully dried and then ground to a micro-fine powder so that it fully blends into your latte (no gritty last sip!). 


Adaptogens are plants that have a balancing affect on our bodies. The quick and dirty is that they help our cells function optimally through correcting imbalances. Another way to think of adaptogens is that they help us (and our cells!) adapt to changes in our body and enviroment. Here are 3 benefits of maca. 


1. A helping hand for menopause.

Maca is an important root for men and women, but early studies are showing promising results for menopausal women. Specifically, maca is appearing to help with hot flashes and improved sex drive, which is an extremely common and frustrating symptom of menopause. 


2. High in essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Maca is packed with the essentials! High in iron, iodine and potassium, it helps you get what you need for healthy and happy muscles, cells and digestion. 


3. Safe during pregnancy and nursing. 

A lot of nursing parents cut back or avoid caffiene to help their babies get strong sleep. Maca is a great alternative to provide clean energy for your cells without giving babe the jitters!


our sunshine latte powder is full of superfood ingredients and easy to make. shine lattes dot com

An easy way to get your daily dose of maca is with our instant Sunshine Latte powder. Simply add 1-2 tsp to 1 cup of your favourite milk, froth and enjoy!

Know someone who could benefit from these uses? Send them a jar of our Sunshine Latte powder today!