The Shine Lattes difference

In a sea of choices, how does Shine Lattes stand out? Here are a few big ways! 


All of our ingredients are ethically sourced, organically grown and carefully dried in ways that preserve the most nutrients for you. Our superfoods are ground into micro-fine powders which enables your body to take in the maximum nutrition and effects from each ingredient and, secondly, makes for a perfectly blended latte (no gritty sips!).  


We are passionate about healing, wellness and supporting each other through various life stages. To us that means making wellness something to look forward to each day (sorry, vitamins). 

If you're a wellness and chronic illness warrior, you especially know how taking care of yourself each and every day can be a lot of responsibility. We want to take some weight off your shoulders. Shine is a treat that reminds you that wellness can be fun, and you deserve that! 

Are you feeling ready to share your wellness journey with the Shine community? Please reach out to Micki at She'd love to connect and support you. 


Our Sunshine blend was created when our founder was pregnant. Turned off of coffee, she was looking for clean energy that was safe for her and babe. This combination of adaptogenic superfoods hit the spot. Hello, chocolatey-smooth latte!

Sunshine blend is also extremely supportive for women experiencing menopause. Read up on the power behind this blend, here!

There you have it. In a sea of choices, we choose to be bold and be the best from ingredient quality, to taste, to feel. We're not a latte, we're better!